Friday, November 23, 2007

Loooong week

OMG, it's a long long week...
2 weeks i've got test, 2 weeks i've got a business with kisi" (hey, what is that??), hehe...i can't translate into english, i mean grille,. 2 weeks always sleep at morning, and awake in the morning too (poor esa...),.

it was...and now the war is begin, the project is waiting for me, waiting to do it,. oohh...3 project for a mounth, giling...(hey, what do you mean??), i mean it's nut,.

OmiGod...tired, tired, tired, tired,.

it's time to come home, it just 2 weeks i'm not going home,. mama...waiting for me, i'm hungry (lho...what the,,,),. i can take a rest at home, sleep 12 hour a day,'s wonderfull, full, full,.

i hear sound of athan, it's mean somebody has call to prayer,. okeh, i've got to prayer, see you in next year (hey, you crazy, gila,.),.